Crypto Airdrops

Im going to provide a list of airdrops that have happen. -Bitcoin cash $BCH- You held Bitcoin same day as the snapshot August 1st at block height 478558. -Bitcoin Gold $BTG- You held Bitcoin same day as the snapshot October 24th 2017 at block height 491406

Install Tensorflow

Windows installation of Tensorflow on Win10 x64 1. Install dependacys Python 3.5.x 64-bit from Python 3.6.x 64-bit from During installation make sure under optional features that pip is selected and under advance options “add Python to enviroment varible” 2. Install Tensorflow open cmd.exe with admin rights to verify that you have Python installed type python –version you should see the output as prof that its installed, next navigate cd C:\ next for cpu and if you have a gpu you should install the gpu part pip3 install –upgrade tensorflow pip3 install –upgrade tensorflow-gpu IF you install GPU version […]

Install VBox Guest Additions on Debian

quick and dirty guide to install Virtualbox guest additions on a Debian guest system. Login as root su Update the system apt update && apt upgrade Install the required packages apt install build-essential module-assistant Configure the system to build kernel modules m-a prepare Insert the Guest addition cd from the Virtualbox window. Devices>Insert Guest Addition CD image let the cd load for a few seconds then run sh /media/cdrom/ Your done let’s reboot reboot

Protect your self from WannaCry worm

WannaCry ransom-ware hits the internet Over the past days we have seen the full wrath of what Eternalblue (NSA exploit) are capable of 213,000 computers across 99 countries around the world have been infected, if you have been living under a rock and have no clue what it does. First infection will mostly accrue from a email phishing attempt with a attached file. Once the file is executed it will start with indexing your files and encrypt them and demand around 300$ for the decryption key just like any other Ransom-ware but what scary and awesome about this exploit is […]

Update: No license for drones Sweden

So finally there is some updates in the current outlawed drones with cameras, in short from the 1st of August the current ban on mounting a camera on the drone is going to be lifted to quote from the press release. The proposal will take into account companies and amateur drone pilots and the pilot have the task that the camera does not offend anyone in the area of flight or point of view, your only allowed to fly over legal objects and needs the flown in a open way so that any bystanders can contact the pilot This is […]

Need licence to fly any drone with camera mounted, Sweden

I have just got to my knowledge that from Friday (21-10-16) there will be illegal to fly any rc model equipped with a camera in Swedish aerospace. Lets just jump to what have happened and break it down, The question have been ongoing for quite some time now and have been bouncing around different departments ranging from Lantm√§teriet, Datainspektionen, Transportstyrelsen just to name a few. To quote the court However, when it comes to the camera on the drone, the photograph from the air but managed from the ground. The Court held that it can not be controlled locally. The […]

Naze32 rev6 wont arm

Yesterday i flashed my Naze32 rev6 to cleanflight v1.13.0 and after setting everything up accordingly and went out to my closest flying space (20min away) to have a relaxing moment in the sun just to find out that it wont arm, first that came to mind was that i most likely have missed a small setting with min/max values of my throttle and ofc i did not bring my laptop. At home i started to check every setting and didn’t see anything out the norm, re-flashed the FC and did it all again just to find out the same result […]

New flight regulations Sweden

Just by last week a new proposal from Transportstyrelsen aka “Transport agency” will allow flying you rc models in todays no fly zones , and the proposal will feature a NO fly zone only of 5km around the airport and if your still in a flight controlled zone more then 5km from the airport your available to fly maximum of 50m height, 500m radius and maximum of 90km/h and addition to that this is also allowed to fly up to 7kg with the same regulations IF you have the permit to do so. This is to make it a […]

Remove ratchet from throttle Frsky Taranis plus

Todays in this guide i will show you have to remove the ratchet from the throttle stick on Frsky Taranis X9D Plus, when you receive the radio it comes with the ratchet and if your are flying multi-rotor its not optimal to have set levels for your throttle. This guide i was going to be how to update the stock antenna as well but my solder pen its not so precise so i have to wait until i get a better one. Enough with that lets start with it, for this you will need only 2 tools screwdriver PH1 and […]

Hacking Turnigy / FlySky i6

Today i will hack my Turnigy i6 and the Rx iA-6, as stock its a great Tx remote to start of with but i want to use more channels and i found out that it supports it with a small firmware update. and also the antennas can be changed out to external antennas to increase the range in my opinion its not necessary but i will do it anyway just because i can. As an added bonus i will also modify the Rx iA6 so instead of the Rx voltage level read from the FC it reads it from one […]