our legacy

our story dates back to 1979 when we opened our first local workshop.

in 1999 we began designing and manufacturing luxury lighting installation for our customers all around the world, we benefitted from our strategic location among numerous polish and Czech glass mills and from the know-how of german professionals.

after years of development and transformation, we created LUCID to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers. 

art of fusion

we bonded togetehr the best of both worlds to create a unique combination of timeless bespoke lighting pieces

newest technology

it is visible in every detail of our work and final pieces.

lighting based on led that can adjust to your mood or just to the music you are listening to. there are almost unlimited possibilities to illuminate your installation thanks to our dynamic and kinetic solutions.
moreover, everything can be fully controlled from your phone, computer, or smarthome panel.

thanks to our developed production site and advanced technical solutions we are able to maintain the best quality and flexibility.

traditional craftmanship

glass and crystals used in every project are handmade using traditional methods.. 

sometimes complex projects demand using materials such as wood, copper, or even stone. our craftsmen are ready to fulfill your every wish.

complex project support

additionally to our bespoke solutions we offer lighting consulting services and architectural support at any stage of your project.

we are also ready to provide you with a set of building models, visualizations or videos.

experience the art of creation with us

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