the five aspects 


When approaching a new project we always start with analyzing the client's needs. From private housing to offices, airports, and museums, it’s crucial to determine requirements and expectations as well as costs.

Our knowledge and experience help us to better understand ideas and to execute them in real life. Our presence at an early stage ensures that quality will be kept from the beginning.


Light sets the tone to the scenery, creating mood and emotion. We start from the big picture and gradually work our way through every small detail.

Thoughts are transformed into images.
And images into solutions.
Seeing how ideas and drawings come to life with photorealistic renders and animation gives one of a kind perception of design.


We are a skilled team, proven to handle tasks in demanding conditions. We are fluent with almost any architectural software and we can switch instantly. Creating virtual concepts is our specialty.

We have a history of working on all kinds of documentation. Even in cases where there is no professional documentation at all. With modern technology, we are able to do extraordinary things for, not only, ordinary subjects.


Technical analysis is equally important to design. We prepare the most accurate calculations using dedicated software and plugins. Our experience in the lighting industry and knowledge of the market give us endless possibilities of providing high-quality solutions, especially in times of building’s energy certification.

Because we are able to create custom technical solutions we are a connector between client and manufacturer and ease up the work of both.


We believe that support is important at every step of cooperation. You can count on us for the whole project life cycle.

This is the only way in which we can both secure the quality of the final product and outstanding design.


from an idea to the final project

from a sketch

every project is different.

our experience and elasticity allow us to assist at even the most demanding and problematic ones, all the way from the beginning, even from a sketch to a fully finished building.

during the designing & modeling stage, we also draw from our experience and knowledge in lighting products and electronics, thus we are always glad to assist our customers with choosing the right products, perfect for their needs.

even when such product does not exist,
we simply create it.

to your materialized imagination

demanding projects are our cup of tea, especially when beauty is at stake. our bespoke branch with more than 20 years in the industry and the team of highly skilled craftsmen, allowed us to master the art of creating unique, handmade pieces.

combining it together with our consulting & designing services, lucid is an ultimate solution for your interior, no matter whether it is your private residence, hotel hall, or a cruise ship.

We believe that quality comes with much more than just beauty, it’s the satisfaction of the owner and all the people who are lucky enough to be able to set their eyes on your custom-made creations.

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