Need licence to fly any drone with camera mounted, Sweden

I have just got to my knowledge that from Friday (21-10-16) there will be illegal to fly any rc model equipped with a camera in Swedish aerospace. Lets just jump to what have happened and break it down, The question have been ongoing for quite some time now and have been bouncing around different departments ranging from Lantmäteriet, Datainspektionen, Transportstyrelsen just to name a few.
To quote the court

However, when it comes to the camera on the drone, the photograph from the air but managed from the ground. The Court held that it can not be controlled locally. The Court further found that the camera can be used for personal monitoring, although it is not the purpose. The camera is therefore to be regarded as a surveillance camera.

Surveillance camera are bit of a tricky topic here due to Swedish private integrity laws, I’ve in the past years have to deal with this at work when we wanted to install surveillance cameras in our store, to find out its expensive and you don’t even know if your allowed to installed after paying the fee of 250€ and then additional yearly fee that vary depending on how many cameras and location.
-First of all you need to provide evidence of that a camera surveillance system will help to solve crime that your company face example pickpocket, shoplifting or threat against employees.
-Second is that camera is NOT allowed to face any part outside the store that is viewed as public accessible space, floor mapping of how the camera are mounted and angels are mandatory and only those spots are prohibited.
-Third you need to set one person that is responsible for the system and only that person is allowed to review the video material and its up to you to make sure its only accessible to that person and nobody else.
-Fourth signs and information about the surveillance are needed to be clearly visual before anyone enters the area.
I have more then likely forgot something here but this makes out that basic regulations for camera surveillance. So you can see to follow all of this with a drone is impossible due to that drones nature of being available to fly and have different view angels.

And with the recent development in the EASA (the European version of the CAA and FAA) that is treating to kill of the hobby please continue reading over at they made a fantastic write up about what is about to come if it passes.

The article is NOT fully done and is currently being written
Latest update, Ars Technica article 25/10-2016


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